We believe in a God who hears our prayers and is able to intervene on our behalf. If you need prayer, contact our team with your prayer request.

Discovering Jesus is just the beginning. If you are interested in Christianity or want to take your faith futher, get in touch with us. It would be our honour and privilege to encourage and equip you in your faith journey.

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The Life Centre Trust  

Who is the Life Centre Trust?

The Life Centre Trust is a registered charitable trust which operates the Community arm of LIFE.  It is a separate legal entity with a LIFE appointed Board and governance.  LIFE provides management and business service support for the Life Centre Trust.

Christmas Box

Who gets a Christmas Box?

Christmas Box works alongside over a hundred community organisations each year to help identify and locate the families who are in need of a Christmas Box.  The project has expanded to work with community organisations Nationwide with Christmas Box Packing Days taking place in Auckland, Christchurch, Melbourne and Rarotonga.  In 2014 we saw over 12,000 Christmas Boxes packed and distributed to families in need throughout New Zealand, Melbourne and Rarotonga.

Why are Volunteer numbers capped for Packing Day and an age limit applied?

There are around 700 volunteers each year attending Packing Day.  Though we appreciate people’s heart to serve, we must ensure the safety of all the volunteers and adhere to health & safety regulations.  This is also why we are unable to have children under the age of 10-years onsite during Packing Day.

Red Frogs

Is there an age limit to be a Red Frogs volunteer?

18-years to late 20’s, in line with the generation that we mainly work with. 

What is the accountability for a Red Frogs volunteer?

We expect our actions to meet a standard of excellence, cultivating a culture of responsibility and accountability that promotes transparency.  We believe that to display professionalism in our approach through programmes and activities, we need to equip staff and volunteers.  This is done through mentoring, training and resourcing Froggers to effectively engage in their work with young people.  Pastoral checks are held on a case by case basis dependant on the role and responsibility they hold. 

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