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LIFE Melbourne


Sunday 19/05/2019

10:00 AM | 5:30 PM


LIFE Melbourne

62 Mark Street, North Melbourne

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FAQ for Melbourne Campus

LIFE Melbourne

62 Mark Street, North Melbourne

Sunday 19 May 2019
10:00am  5:30pm - Craig Clark

62 Mark St, North Melbourne, 3015 (Off Boundary Road)

There are car park spaces available on Mark St and we also have a car park at the end of Mark St. Our friendly car park team will help to assist you in where to park. We also have mobility car spaces available at the front of our building.

We have a parents room located in the foyer which has a nursing area and is set up for those under one years. The service is linked via the TV so you can enjoy the service while looking after bubs.

Our information desk is located at the beginning of our foyer and our friendly team would love to answer any questions that you might have. We also have some of our team in the foyer wearing ‘Ask Me’ lanyards- they’re happy to help you too!

We have disabled car parks available close to the doors. Just let our car park team know and they can show you a park. We also have lift access to the foyer, auditorium and have a disabled toilet just off our foyer.

We don’t have a translation service at LIFE Melbourne, but we are considering this for the future.

Yes - we have designated seating for parents with prams. Just ask our service host team to show you where to go. They can also assist if you need to use the parents room facilities during the service.

Yes - you are welcome to drop off passengers at the door. Alternatively, our car park team can provide umbrellas on rainy days and are available to walk you to the door.

We have an area called the Connection Hub where you can go and meet some of our great team and they will answer any questions that you have. The Connection Hub is located directly opposite the coffee cart. If you have any difficulty finding it though please ask one of our team wearing the ‘Ask Me’ tag and will be happy to direct you to it.

LIFE Kids runs during all our Sunday services and is located off our foyer. We have age specific programs for all age groups. You can register your kids as soon as you arrive and will be contacted if you are needed through the service.