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Upcoming Events

LIFE Business Event 

Monday 18 March


BUSINESS 101 6-7pm

Managing cash flow for strategic growth

In starting, understanding and expanding your business, it is essential to know how to manage your cash flow and have confidence in your financial position. This practical session will give great insight into the fundamentals of finance and key practices that will enable you to have confidence as you make the big decisions for strategic growth.


Vision, Networking & TED Talks

A brilliant night to start the year where Ps Craig Clark will be sharing on the great vision that is ahead of us. As well as bringing focus to new developments within LIFE Business, the area of mentoring and creating a great space for networking & engaging with others in similar spheres of Business.

For the first time, we are going to do three 15min TED Talks where some of our amazing LIFE business people will be sharing their amazing journey in business and stirring in us the ‘Kingdom mission’ to what we are doing and the visions we carry.

Please RSVP now to register your interest for this great night together.

We look forward to connecting soon.


Currently, three LIFE Business events are run each year in Melbourne, AUS. Additionally, Business Masterclasses are an opportunity for development, inspiration, and connection at our annual LIFE Conference in April.

Our LIFE Business Nights consist of the following format: 

Business 101: 6 -7pm 

Practical training and experience you can apply to your skill base.

LIFE Business7-9pm
Great time of connection with other like-minded people as well as valued input that will inspire and equip us to outwork our God design in a greater way, for a bigger cause; while bringing needed influence in the corporate arena.

For more information on LIFE Business please email info@lifeau.org